Eyeglasses brand for children omodok

Quality of omodok

Proprietary product of utility model No. 3216927
with original developed RNS (ring suspension nose)


Original design for durable eyeglasses

RSN (Ring Suspension Nose, Utility Model Acquisition) is made by elastic β titanium. Because the shock can be absorbed by the ring parts,it can make a feeling of fit comfortable and prevent from losing shape.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Reliable serivice for parts exchange

Speady parts exchange since it can be removed. Its less time loss during glasses repair.


Delicate skin-friendly organic material

Original corn pad with organic material corn is skin-friendly 100% plant based so it is friendly to the environment and the body. Weakly acidic, gentle to your skin and excellent antibacterial properties. An important part that gentle texture on the skin of your kids'

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Fittedness pursued

Stainless steel core metal used excellent fit with excellent elasticity.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Super lightweight

Only 12g weight. it's super lightweight so it can prevent the glasses from slipping down.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Hard to loose screws

Temple (vined) part of the screw is used a special resin winding screw.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Original design

Ingot fashionable eyeglasses mark on both side is our original design.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Proud of a light and cute illustrations design

Orgiinal glasses stand and used as glasses case. Earth-friendly since it is made by paper material. Illustrator is Junichi Koka × omodok.

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok



Proud with a global technological strength- made in Sabae City of Fukui Prefecture!

Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


Own two high honorary awards

In 2018 August, we won the kids eyewear design Award for “Design Division that contributes to safety and security eyewear of children”. In addition, we were awarded the 22nd Japan Eyewear(2019) Award in the same year's September again, which is one of the industry's best design awards for products with the best design and functions.

キッズメガネ|omodok オモドック|iOFT第22回日本メガネ大賞2019 キッズ部門を受賞しました。|「子どもたちの安全・安心に貢献するデザイン部門」にて、キッズデザイン賞を受賞しました。