Eyeglasses brand for children omodok


【Notice of Trademark Registration】"omodok" has been registered as a trademark in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Taiwan.
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Omodok won the prize in the Kids Eyewear Category of IOFT Japan Eyewear Award 2019.
omodok won the prize in the design section which contributes relievedly and safety for Children of 22th KIDSDESIGN Award.

キッズメガネ|omodok オモドック|

Brand :omodok®
Reading from right to left,
ko.do.mo(meaning “children” in Japanese)

Wishing you wear real nice glasses everyday…
Well examined material for safe and reliable using, durable frame and comfortable fitting
High quality and premium domestic eyeglasses for children
Stylish eyeglasses “omodok eyewear” making kids smile